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Reservation for Individual Visits

  • Notice
    for Reservation
    • Individuals can purchase tickets on-site without reservation.
    • Identification should be checked and verified for discounted tickets (50 % discount for residents of Seodaemun-gu and schools in Seodaemun-gu) and free tickets (65 years old or above, handicapped, recipients of National Veterans Affairs, etc.), so those tickets should be purchased on-site.
    • Please make a reservation in advance as tickets are sold out early in the peak season (field trip, school trip, etc.). You can enter only at the time you have chosen.
    • You can cancel the reservation for the exhibition of the History Hall one day prior to your visit. Please cancel your reservation as early as possible so that other visitors can make reservations.
    • 100 people are allowed for each half hour. If booking doesn't work, please choose another time slot.
    • Tickets issued are limited to the same day.
    • ※ There isn't enough space for parking. Please use public transportation (bus, subway) to get to the history hall.
  • Notice
    for Entrance
    • You can collect an entrance ticket with the reservation number or QR code issued upon your reservation before entering the hall.
    • Notice for Keeping Personal Belongings

      -You can keep your bags and belongings at the information desk of the Exhibition Hall.

    • Please do not disturb other people and do not run in the exhibition halls and the precincts of the history hall.
    • Bicycles, kick boards, inline skates, and skateboards are prohibited in the area of the history hall.
    • "The Docent App of Seodaemun Prison History Hall" You can download the app for your smart device from Google Play Store or App Store for free. (Please bring your own earphones.)

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  • Reservation for
    Individual Visits
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    • Enter reservation information

      Date of visit
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  • Visitor's Etiquette

    Please stick to the following rules.

    • A teacher (guide) should accompany the students under their responsibility to protect our precious cultural assets, keep the order of exhibition facilities, and to prevent accidents. Please provide precautions for visiting the history hall in advance.
  • Notice to Visitors
    • Please keep silence and do not run in the entire area of the history hall.
    • Please switch your phone to vibration mode before entering the exhibition hall.
    • You are not allowed to have food in the entire area of the history hall.
    • Please do not touch the showcases and exhibits in the history hall.
    • You are not allowed to use flash and tripods.
    • Please do not disturb other people by wearing excessively informal outfits like slippers.
    • The Seodaemun Prison History Hall has the right to refuse entrance to people who are deemed to be a disturbance to other visitors in the history hall and may ask such visitors to leave.

    I hereby understand the visitor's rules of etiquette and notice, and I agree to being refused entry and being sent off from the History Hall if I cause damage facilities or violate the above rules.

    Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information (Necessary)

    • Purpose of collection and use of personal information
      - For the base data to offer the reservation service for individual visits
      - For entering information and checking the identification when providing the individual visit services
    • Items of Collection and Use
      - Necessary items (applicant's information): Name, mobile phone number, number of visitors
      - Optional items (individual information): Other information
    • Duration of Retention and Use of Personal Information
      - After the purpose of collecting personal information is achieved, the information is destroyed without delay.
      - However, the collected personal information is retained for a certain duration, and it is deleted from the database after this duration.
      - Duration of retention: 14 days after the visit is over
    • Right to Refuse Consent and Its Disadvantage
      - The consent to collecting and using the necessary items of the above personal information is necessary to offer the basic services. You need to provide consent to the above matter to be able to use the service.
      - You have the right to refuse collecting and using the optional items of the above personal information under Article 15 of Personal Information Protection Act, but if you don not agree, you may be at disadvantage in use of optional services, etc.

    (Necessary items) Do you agree to the collection and use of personal information I agree. / I do not agree.

    (Optional items) Do you agree to the collection and use of personal information? I agree. / I do not agree.

    Acceptance of Refund Policy (Required)

    • - 3 days before the tour: Full refund
    • - 2 days before the tour: No refund
    • ※ According to the consumer damage compensation regulations announced by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance

    (Required) Do you agree with the refund policy? I agree. / I do not agree.

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