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  • Prison Record Card of the Seodaemun Prison
    • The prison record card of the Seodaemun Prison in the Japanese colonial era is established as database and in service. You can search by name, regions, and birthplaces and read the original copy of the documents.

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  • The Sentencing of the Independence Movement Activists
    • Among cases of the sentencing for criminal cases possessed by National Archives of Korea, about 19,000 cases of sentencing related to independence movements under the Japanese colonial era are established as contents. You can search their original information, release the statements of decision, the case outlines, etc. easily and conveniently.

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  • Gonghun Digital Archive
    • You can read original copies of the history of the independence movement, the history of Japanese invasion, profile of independence activities, the documents related to public notices of merit. etc. in the Gonghun Digital Archive of Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs. Also, civil services like confirmation of reward application, etc. are being offered.

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